Compound stereo microscope

W-PL 10x/23

  • Neo-Lumar S 0.8x FWD 80mm (visual magnification 12x to 150x with 10x eyepieces)
  • Neo-Lumar S 1.5x FWD 30mm (visual magnification 6.4x to 80x with 10x eyepieces)

  • Lumar filter set 38 GFP
  • Lumar filter set 20 Rhodamine
  • Lumar filter set 49 DAPI

Reflected light source
IlluminatorHXP 120, Lamp HXP 120

Transmitted light source
Cold-light sourse KL 2500 LCD(230V)

Incident-Light source
Slit-ring illuminator Lumar V12

  • Resolution: 5 Megapixels
  • Dynamic range: 1-1300
  • Fast live imaging
  • Binning: 1x1 to 10x10 for increased sensitivity
  • Colour depth: 36 bit RGB
  • Interface: standard FireWire
  • Large field of view, 2/3‘‘ CCD
  • Trigger In/Out signals for control of external components

  • Control of  microscope components interactively
  • Acquiring of high-resolution images with up to 16 bit (monochrome) and 3x16 bit (color)
  • Adjustment of display parameters without manipulation of pixel intensity values
  • Assigning annotations and geometric scalings to acquired images instantly
  • Storing microscope- and camera settings as meta information directly in the ZVI image
  • Specific interface configurations for Windows multi-user environment
  • Image import: lsm, bmp, tif, jpg, j2k, jp2, gif, tga, png, cal, mac, msp, ras, pct, eps, wmf, psd, img, cmp
  • Software assistant for converting and editing images (brightness, contrast, gamma, smooth/sharpen, noise reduction, background subtraction, shading correction, white balance)
  • Image export: bmp, jpg, j2k, tif, tga, png, psd, img, cmp, avi, mov
  • Assigning of frequently used image annotations like comments, arrows, boxes, circles or scale bars
  • Measurement of intensity profiles, length, area, perimeter, circle or angle interactively
  • Generation of reports containing images, data tables and graphs