epifluorescence microscope
  • Universal Infinity System (UIS2) with Field Number 26.5
  • Light Manager (Auto switch off)
  • Ergo stage (Oil immersion), range 76x52, 270o rotation
  • Trinocular tube (3-position prism), eyepieces Plan 10x/22

  • UIS2 Plan Achromat 4x/0.1
  • UIS2 Plan Achromat 10x/0.25
  • UIS2 Plan Achromat 20x/0.4
  • UIS2 Plan Semi-Apochromat 40x/0.75
  • UIS2 Plan Semi-Apochromat 60XOI/1,25 (iris collar)
  • UIS2 Plan Semi-Apochromat 100x/1.30

DIC optical elements
  • DIC slider U-DICT (nosepiece position)
  • DIC prism U-DIC40 (condenser position, for 40x lens)
  • DIC prism U-DIC60 (condenser position, for 60x lens)
  • DIC prism U-DIC100 (condenser position, for 100x lens)

Condenser modules
  • Swing out top lens (Oil immersion)
  • 8 positions for optical elements (3x DIC prisms installed)
  • Integrated polarizer, 360o rotation

Analyzer module
U-ANT (fixed position on DIC slider)

Transmitted light source
  • Halogen 12V/100Watt, pre-centered

Reflected light source
  • Mercury lamp, 100Watt, 300 hours lifetime

  • DAPI (Narrow BandPass) Ex=365/10, Em=460/60
  • FITC (HardCoated BandPass) Ex=480/20, Em=530/43
  • Cy3.5 (HardCoated BandPass), Ex=545/10, Em=595/50
  • TxRED (Wide LongPass), Ex=560/20, Em=610

  • 3.3 megapixel cooled CCD camera
  • Live frame rates 30 fps
  • TWAIN interface

  • Direct control of digital camera
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automated exposure control
  • Basic measurement functions
  • Layers composition & editing